Best Wholesale Prices of 100% Virgin Straight Single Drawn Bulk Hair with Many Colors from Vietnam Hair Manufacturer

Stretched Length:
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  • 12 inch (30cm) $0.00
  • 14 inch (35 cm) $0.00
  • 16 inch (40 cm) $0.00
  • 18 inch (45 cm) $0.00
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  • 26 inch (65 cm) $0.00


Hair Description

Bulk hair is the fundamental product that plays role as the materials to create other hair extensions types such as clip-in extension, tape-in extension, and keratin extensions including I-tip, U-tip, Flat-tip and V-tip, or even wigs. We collect hair from Vietnamese women, then make equal in the top and tie up with elastic bands. Therefore, this hairstyle is easy to apply, which helps you to save time for many other purposes. With many colors, from brown to blonde, Colorful Straight Single Drawn Bulk Hair from Vietnam Sunny Hair offers you a wide range of selections for customers.

1. Outstanding Hair QualityColorful Straight Single Drawn Bulk Hair is 100% Vietnam Remy Hair, which was collected from Vietnamese young girls. Being natural and long hair without containing chemical or animal or synthetic hair, this kind of bulk hair from Sunny Hair Vietnam is a high-quality product. Full cuticle. No tangle. No shedding. Soft and clean. No lice or knits.

2. Characteristics: A standard Colorful Straight Single Drawn Bulk Hair Extension contains around 20% full length hair, and 80% varied length hair.

3. Customized Colors: This kind of bulk hair includes many different color shades such as Red, Blonde #3Q, Blode #4Q, Blonde #6, Blonde #6C, Blonde #8, Blonde #8, Blonde #8H, Blonde #9C, Blonde #12, Blonde #14, Blonde #16, Blonde #18, Blonde #22, Blonde #24, Blonde #27, Blonde #32H, Blonde #33H, Blonde #60, Blonde #60C, Blonde #613, Blonde #613Q, Brown #2, Brown #2H, Brown #2Q, Brown #3, Brown #4. Therefore, you get many selections to choose.

4. Variable Styles: It can be straightened, curled and styled as your own hair such as loose curly, deep curly, wavy, etc.

5. Application: The Remy Straight Single Drawn Bulk Hair is used to make hair weaving, and hair extensions such as tape-in, clip-in, keratin extensions including U-tip, I-tip, V-tip, Flat-tip, etc. Moreover, many producers use this kind of bulk hair to make full wig hair extensions. The smaller, thinner and the more hair strands are knotted down, the more natural the wigs are.

How about directly using the black straight single drawn bulk hair into the users' hair?

Yes. Of course. In order to do that, we need some accessories like hair needle, and hair thread or hair linkies. It can take about thirty minutes to one hour to crochet a full head. Plus, some beauty junkies nowadays use keratin glue and fusion to apply bulk hair. This way is the same as using I tip, V-tip, U tip or Flat Tip. However, using bulk hair allows them to customize the length and the thickness of the hair strands by their own.

6. Length: The length of the Straight Single Drawn Bulk Hair with many colors is from 10 inches to 26 inches. Depending on your own preferences, you can comfortably choose any of these lengths.

7. Lasting: With 100% Vietnamese human hair, Straight Single Drawn Bulk can last around 12 months or more based on the way you take care them.

Virgin Hair Bundles

Cut from young and healthy girls' head

Unprocessed, natural

Can be flat ironed by suitable temperature

Soft Human Hair

Each bundle 105grams

Bouncy and shiny straight hair

Really soft and thick

100% Unprocessed Hair

No tangle or shedding by regular nurse

No splits, full end, no weird smell

Need to be washed twice a week like our own hair



Hair Features

Customer questions & Answers

Q1: Could the Straight Single Drawn Bulky hair be dyed and curled??

A: As it is virgin hair, it could be dyed and curled, but remember don't exceed 150 Degree Celsius, the hair will be destroyed. The curly style can last up to a week.

Q2: How long this kind of hair could last?

A:  The hair could last for avery long time depends on how you treat it. Treat the hair like your own hair and take good care of it will last longer.

Q3: If I order today, how long it takes for the shipment?

A: We will ship the goods right away after payment arrive. Arrival time please refer to the above shipment chart. Take USA for example, it takes roughly 5days after payment arrive.

Q4: What should I do when sleeping with the hair product?

A: Plait hair when sleeping as this will avoid tangling. Do not sleep with wet hair.

Q5: I wash my hair everyday, is this going to work??

A: Probably not. You should only wash your hair once or twice a week when you have these in.

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