Colored Wigs

Sunny human hair wigs are some of the highest in quality and offer a natural looking style and soft feel. We provide various kinds of wigs such as bob wigs, wigs with bangs..., and diversity of hair texture wigs from Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Burma...

We also have a stunning selection of human hair wigs for Black, or Brazilian women to choose from that's designed for a flawless, natural look.

We are experts at creating modern colorful wigs that are coloured and styled within the latest trends such as Balayage, Highlights, Ombre etc. So whether you have a custom style or colour in mind or you have head size different to others, we can help you create your human hair wig that will fit perfectly for you.



  • How to keep colors on wigs from fading? Or keep colors longer?

    Because our hair are all made of 100% human hair, so wigs are basically similar to your own hair. Therefore, your hair color can not avoid being faded. There are some warm tips for you to maintain colors longer. First, minimize use of heat styling tools. Using straighteners, curling irons and blow dryers at high heat too much can fade color quickly, so if you really do need to use them, just use them sparingly and turn down the temperature. Second, shampoo once/twice a week. Washing hair too much can cause some damage to your hair such as dryness, shedding... Third, use products formulated for color-treated hair. Not all shampoos and conditioners are created equally. If you dye your hair, it’s important to look for a system of shampoo and conditioner formulated for color-treated hair. So try a duo of sulfate-free products.

  • What temperature can I use to style hair extensions or wigs?

    When styling your hair extensions with a heat styling tool, we recommend setting your tool at 120C/250F degrees or lower. Anything higher may run the risk of damaging the hair.

  • Why do some Sunny Hair colors cost more than others?

    Darker shades of Sunny human hair colors are more closely related to the original color of our hair from Vietnamese, Cambodian, Burmese…. Our factories can process this hair to make various darker hair colors without too much difficulty. However, our factories have now increased our costs for processing lighter hair colors offered by our company. This is due to the extra time, products and educated craftsmanship required to achieve quality hair colors. And it takes more time and makes more effort to create hair into ombre or balayage colors. Therefore, you will notice a slightly higher selling price if you should choose one of the lighter hair colors.

Why choose us


1. Wholesale Price
As a manufacture, we treat every client fair, and respect every one no matter you are doing wholesale or retail business, and we leave biggest margin space to every custom aimed to Win Win Situation and long term cooperation.


2. 100% Virgin hair
Our hair is 100% unprocessed raw virgin hair directly from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. No tangling, no shedding, no henna, no nits with length from 6 to 36 inches. Quality and price is considered as the secret behind our business success.


3. Fast Global Shipping
We can ship worldwide via DHL, UPS or TNT and all orders can be tracked online. Shipping process takes 3-6 days to the US, 4-8 days to Europe, and 5-10 days to African.


4. Trusted Manufacturer
Being a Gold Supplier on Alibaba Marketplace, Sunny Hair Vietnam is proud to be a trustworthy wholesale distributor giving you the best quality and best price.

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