Keratin Extensions

Sunny Hair Vietnam Factory is offering High-quality Keratin Bond Extensions Manufacturer - Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions Wholesale. Keratin hair extensions is also named "Fusion hair extensions", "Pre-bonded hair extensions", which includes U-tip hair extensions (nail hair extensions), I-tip hair extensions, V-tip hair extensions, Flat tip hair extensions… According to the tip' s shape
Keratin hair extensions can be a great way to achieve the thick, luxurious lock looks you want. Installed and cared for properly, human-hair fusion hair extensions give you a completely natural look that falls, bounces, and shines as if it were your “real” hair.
We offer a number of our Asian hair extensions pre bonded for convenience, as well as many of our Brazilian, Malaysian, Mongolian, Vietnamese and Indian hair extensions for sale. All of Sunny Hair's products are cuticle correct, Remy and 100% human hair. Each pre bonded tip for fusion is sealed with keratin protein bonds for strength and durability.

Why choose Keratin Human hair extensions from Vietnamese Vendor?

1. We are a hair factory in Hanoi Vietnam
2. Highest quality Keratin bond hair extensions
3. 100% Remy virgin human hair
4. Have Raw Virgin and Remy hair 5000KG in stock (unprocessed)
5. Gentle treatment to ensure healthy products
6. Cuticles remained with inner moisture and nutrition locked
7. Authentic Italian Keratin
8. Tip part is very exquisite, very small I-tip 2mm*mm Flat-tip 6*6mm.
9. Durable and no shedding
10. Easy to apply and remove
11. Last for 1-3 years (well-maintained)
12. Competitive wholesale prices
13. Wholesale/stockiest packs available
14. Available in 32 shades & 18-24 inch packs.
15. Fast delivery
16. Professional service


Save 34 %

Wholesale price Silky Straight V-Tip Keratin Hair Extensions 100% High Quality Vietnam Human Hair

$150.00 - $100.00

Silky Straight V-Tip Keratin Hair Extensions high quality 100% Vietnam Human Hair

Save 34 %

Best-selling I-Tip Keratin Human Hair Extensions Full Head Virgin Long Straight Hair for Ladies 100 Strands per Pack

$150.00 - $100.00

Wholesale deals I-Tip Keratin Human Hair Extensions Full Head Virgin Long Straight Hair for Ladies 100 Strands per Pack

Save 34 %

U-Tip Keratin Straight Hair Extensions 100% Virgin Vietnam Human Hair

$150.00 - $100.00

Wholesale Price Nail U-Tip Keratin Hair Extensions 100% Virgin Vietnam Human Hair


  • What is hot fusion (U-tip, V-tip, and Flat tip) and cold fusion (I-tip)?

    Hot fusion uses a heating element to attach hair extensions into your hair. Hot fusion refers to U-tip, V-tip, or flat tip. Your hair is placed between the U-tip and sealed with a hot extension tool which melts the Keratin glue which is rolled into the hair. The best bonds are attached close to the root allowing for a little space for movement. Cold fusion refers to I-tip, which is made up of several hair strands glued together at the tip. Unlike hot fusion, the pre-bonded I-Tip is applied using a pulling tool, whereby an equal amount of hair is pulled through the micro ring to the hairline using a hook tool without using any heat. The micro ring is then compressed around the hair for a comfortable secure attachment.

  • Is it impossible for me to bathe, shower, swim, go out in the wind and rain, and play sports with new keratin hair extensions?

    Sunny Vietnam Hair Vendor provide you high quality hair and keratin, so your new hair extensions will look wet as real hair does, and the extensions will not show in water. You can wash and style your extensions exactly as you do like your own hair. However, exposing to water a lot will loosen bonding though-so dry carefully after. If you swim a lot, I recommend you wear a swim cap.

  • How many is it take for a full head?

    There are 100 strands in one pack. If your hair is thin, 2 or 3 packs will be perfect for you. Normally, 2 or 3 packs is a proper choice for a full head.

  • How to keep Keratin hair extensions longer?

    Any kinds of Keratin tip hair extensions normally last around 6-8 months. Sunny Vietnam Hair Vendor give you some warm tips to keep hair stronger and longer as follow. Firstly, you should wash hair twice or third a week, not everyday, because exposing to water a lot will loosen keratin bonding. Secondly, mild shampoo and conditioner is a proper way to keep hair extensions away from dryness. Thirdly, combing hair gently is a proper way to keep your hair smooth.

  • What are advantages and disadvantages of cold fusion method (I-tip)?

    I-tip method where small pieces of your hair are pulled through a small ring or lock. There are some pros as follow: Firstly, individual strands could moves a little more naturally. Secondly, no heat or glue is needed for the application and I-tip hair extensions can last up to six months. Thirdly, I-tip is reusable, and any extension that may have slid down or off can be fixed. However, there are some cons quite similar to hot fusion (u,v, Flat tip) such as it takes roughly 2-6 hours to apply, some person feel uncomfortable after application. Moreover, I-tip application needs more experienced hairdressers because if beads or locks are not placed appropriately, they can be visible and will slip more easily than any other methods.

  • What are advantages and disadvantages of hot fusion method (U, V, Flat tip)?

    Keratin U-tip, V-tip or Flat tip are attached to the hair using a heating tool to melt the keratin glue, where your own hair is placed. The bonds are attached close to the root of your own hair, leaving some space to allow natural movement of your hair. This is one of the most durable hair extension method lasting up to six months with proper maintenance. Besides its advantages, there are some disadvantages of this method. Firstly, its average application time is around 2-6 hours. Hot fusion require heat to install hair extensions, so it can lead to some damage to the client’s hair. Secondly, it is not reusable.

  • How many packs can I get a wholesale price?

    Sunny Keratin tip packs are available as wholesale human hair extensions. These are specifically designed for salon and professional use. Regular packages of keratin come with just one, two or three bundles. When you buy wholesale, you can receive five, 10, or 15 or more bundles to serve multiple clients. Choose from various shades of brown, black, blonde, and balayage. All are suitable for styling, curling, and dying.

Why choose us


1. Wholesale Price
As a manufacture, we treat every client fair, and respect every one no matter you are doing wholesale or retail business, and we leave biggest margin space to every custom aimed to Win Win Situation and long term cooperation.


2. 100% Virgin hair
Our hair is 100% unprocessed raw virgin hair directly from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. No tangling, no shedding, no henna, no nits with length from 6 to 36 inches. Quality and price is considered as the secret behind our business success.


3. Fast Global Shipping
We can ship worldwide via DHL, UPS or TNT and all orders can be tracked online. Shipping process takes 3-6 days to the US, 4-8 days to Europe, and 5-10 days to African.


4. Trusted Manufacturer
Being a Gold Supplier on Alibaba Marketplace, Sunny Hair Vietnam is proud to be a trustworthy wholesale distributor giving you the best quality and best price.

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