Wholesale Deep Wave Remy Hair Bundles Wefts Nature Color for Natural Human Hair Extensions

Color: Black #1
Stretched Length:
  • 28 inch (70 cm) $0.00


Hair Description

Machine Weft Hair made from two wefts of hair sewn together is always one of the most popular hair extension method. Strong Machine Weft Hair allows you to cut them to fit your head size withour any shedding.

  • Advantage of Double Weft hair: 
  1. Double wefted hair extensions are made from two wefts of hair sewn together so you get twice as much hair as the single one. 
  2. Double Drawn extensions are more expensive but worth investing. Every bundle is the same length and width, so you can get fullness from roots to ends.
  • High Quality Weft Hair Extensions: Machine Weft Hair is made of 100% Human Remy Hair from Cambodian Hair Factory, super thick, tangle free, smooth, healthy ends.

Deep Wave Weft

Durable Weft

Deep Wave Texture

Beautiful and natural Texture

Deep Wave Ends

Healthy & thick ends

  • Application:
  1. Wefts can be individually cut and customized to fit your head size and even positioned to ensure you can wear your hair up without signs of extensions, creating a natural look.
  2. Double Weft Hair are all made of 100% Cambodia human hair, so you are free to cut, straighten or curl as you wish.

NOTE: This hair is designed for Water Wave style, so it would be better to keep the style on the hair for longer use instead of straightening it too much.

  • Lasting: Double Weft Hair is expected to remain 8 months under proper maintenace.
  • Recommendation: To get a full head, you should buy:

    - 2 or more bundles: 12-14 inches

    - 3 or more bundles: 16-24 inches

    - 4 or more bundles: 26-32 inches

  • Wholesale price: Sunny Hair Vietnam Supplier want to build a long-lasting relationship with you, so we promise to give you the best hair from Cambodia Hair Factory. Big discounts, Wholesale price for home salons, hair professionals... Feel free to contact us via Whatsapp or Email.

Hair Features

Customer questions & Answers

Q1: How to keep curly, or wavy hair longer?

A: There are different curly hair textures, from wavy to kinky hair, there are certain, universal steps you can take to make your unique curl type look good. If you’re not sure which curl type you have, here you are: 

Curl Style Chart\

No matter what kinds of curl style/type you have, here, the best ways to keep your curly hair in perfect condition.

1. Conditioner Usage. After you apply your daily conditioner, wait a few minutes before rinsing it out to help add hair moisture and treat frizzy curly hair. Try Curl Nourish Conditioner products which hydrates curls and contains a nourishing blend of coconut oil, jojoba oil and macadamia oil.

2. Style Curly Hair Right. whenever style your curly hair, use low heat and follow the curl style you have.

Q2: Should I choose Double or Single Weft Hair?

A: No matter single or double weft hair, they can be added to add length or volume for your hair. So, which is best: Double Drawn Hair & Single Drawn Hair? It's all up to you. However, let Sunny Hair Supplier give you some advice.

1. The single drawn hair extensions are less expensive than double drawn Remy hair. Single drawn is one of most common hair type on the market due to less work involved in processing and manufacturing, thus the lower price. However, if you are looking for a natural finish where masses of the volume is not important, single drawn hair is a great choice

2. Double Drawn extensions are more expensive but worth investing. They hava the same width and length from roots to ends, creating a fuller look.

In fact, Single drawn hair or double drawn hair does not represent the hair quality. It depends on personal taste. With the thinner wefts, you may want to double up especially with longer lengths and also depending on the style and again what feels and looks good on you.

Q3: Why are my hair extensions getting tangled? And How to keep hair not getting tangled?

A: The hair can tangle due to some reasons such as oil, dirt, dryness, and not combing out your hair daily. You should make sure to wash and conditioner hair at least once a week, comb daily, and use hydrating drops.

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Sep, 09 2020
Love this hair. I've had this hair for 2 1/2 months. I've dyed it as well. I'm still not done with it!! I plan to cut it and create a short curly style to get rid of the damage in the ends. Good product, good price!!
Feb, 02 2019
Absolutely LOVE this hair ! The closure is amazing the knots were already bleached and it looks great. Hair is really high maintenance. I highly recommend the hair great price great product and great vendor !
Ivy Wink Wink
Aug, 02 2017
I am very satisfied with my order. The hair is real natural virgin hair. Awesome texture and great quality. I will definitely purchase this hair extensions again. Thanks Sunny Vietnam Hair!!
Oct, 27 2020
Absolutely love this hair, very close to my natural texture. This hair lifts great! I will love to try other extensions
Sleeping Princess
Sleeping Princess
Mar, 27 2016
TOTTALY IN LOVE WITH THIS HAIR EXTENSIONS!!!!! I've tried all different kinds of hair from all different places and this hair is on the top of the list. The curls are BEAUTIFUL very soft and doesn't tangle. I dyed mines jet black and made a wig and fell in LOVE. No complaints at all and I would definitely recommend this hair to everyone!!

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