Top Premium Deep Curly 100% Unprocessed Virgin Burmese Human Hair Single/Double Machine Weft

Color: Black #1
Stretched Length:
  • 12 inch (30cm) $0.00
  • 16 inch (40 cm) $0.00
  • 18 inch (45 cm) $0.00
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Hair Description

Machine weft hair is one of the fastest hair extension method. Instead of adding individual hair strand by strand, machine weft hair can be connected horizontally without using heat, tape or glue to apply to natural hair. This is one of the best advantages of using weft extensions that make it can be applied easily, and quickly.

  • Advantage of Machine Double Weft hair: 
  1. Top and bottom of Double Machine Weft Hair is of an equal width, and length. So you can get thick and full hair from roots to ends.
  2. Double Machine Weft Hair creates "U" shape hairstyle.
  3. Double Machine Weft Hair has much more hair volume, creating a fuller look, suitable for thin hair.
  4. In terms of application, you can cut the continuous weft of hair into smaller pieces to be customized for various head shapes. 
  • Advantage of Machine Single Weft hair: 
  1. Cheaper than the Double Weft
  2. The top is wider than the bottom, creating a “V” shape hairstyle (more natural if you want that style).
  3. Less volume, more natural. 
  • High Quality Weft Hair Extensions: Machine Weft Hair is made of 100% Unprocessed Burmese Hair from Burmese Hair Vendor, 100% Virgin Human Hair, super thick, tangle free, smooth.
  • Application: 
  1. Double/Single Weft hair extensions can be applied with absolutely no heat, no glue and no braid! The wefts can be individually cut and customized to fit your head size and even positioned to ensure you can wear your hair up without signs of extensions, creating a natural look.

NOTE: This hair is designed for Deep Curly style, so it would be better to keep the style on the hair for longer use instead of straightening it too much.

  • Lasting: Double/Single Weft Hair is expected to remain around 6 months under proper maintenace.
  • Wholesale price: Sunny Hair Vietnam Company want to build a long-lasting relationship with you, so we promise to give you the best hair from Burmese Hair Vendor. Big discounts for home salons, hair professionals... Feel free to contact us via Whatsapp or Email.
  • How to choose length: The chart below is expected to help you to choose the right length for you.

How to measure length of hair

Hair Features

Customer questions & Answers

Q1: How many bundles for a full look?

A: Normally two bundles are perfect for a full look. If your hair is thin, 3-4 bundles would be better for you. Because it's made of 100% human hair, each bundle weights 100 gram, much lighter than synthetic hair. Therefore, you still feel comfortable while wearing two hair bundles. 

Q2: What should I do first to test the quality of hair?

A: Besides burning hair to identify the real human hair, you should brush hair end first, then the middle, and the top at last. DO NOT brush directly from the top and pull hard, it will break the hair. When brush machine hair, it will have no or very small hair shedding.

NOTE: Regular care will keep the hair in good condition and avoid tangle problem. Improper dyeing or other chemical process will damage the hair, and cause tangle and shedding. 

Q3: How many hair pieces come in the set?

A: There are one piece/bundle in the set. In terms of installation, you can sew in hair weft directly or attach hair weft with clips on or glue, attach your weft with micro rings according to your preferences. 

Q4: How to keep the hair stronger and longer?

A: Wash and care them just as your own hair.

1. Use good shampoo and hair conditioner to care it. Olive oil is a better choice to keep it healthy.

2. You could use gel or spray styling products to keep the style.

3. Wash your hair once or twice a week to keep it soft and tangle free, and comb it daily.

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Sulli Choi
Oct, 28 2020
This is a must have hair. The texture is soft and the styling gets better and better with time. Extremely beautiful and of low maintenance. The customer service is great, thanks Sunny Vietnam Hair.
Troy Botton
Troy Botton
Sep, 01 2020
This deep curly hair extensions is worth every penny! It’s soft, a great texture and has minimal shedding. The curls are bouncy and pull apart beautifully. I got the 18 inch and installed it myself. Came out great. Delivery was also quick. I’ll be buying again! Great value!
Gabriella Humans
Feb, 02 2019
I fell in love with the hair the moment I opened the package. It’s super soft and doesn’t tangle. I loved it so much the first time that I had to buy it again the second time. Ladies you will never go wrong with this weave, so get yourself one and thank me later!
Call me by your name
Mar, 03 2018
I liked the softness of the hair. No shading & it's tangle free. I bought the bundles & turned it into a wig by sewing it on a mesh cap. I received it earlier than expected. Great customer service. The sales person, Thao Dao, kept in touch until I received my product.
Aug, 28 2017
This is hair is by far the best hair I have ever bought. The curls are beautiful, no smell, no tangle and I’ve been getting tons of compliments. The shipping was fast, the seller was friendly and provided great customer service. I will be ordering again soon.

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