Remy Straight 100% Cambodian Clip-in Hair Extensions in all colors

Stretched Length:
  • 14 inch (35 cm) $0.00
  • 16 inch (40 cm) $0.00
  • 18 inch (45 cm) $0.00
  • 20 inch (50 cm) $0.00
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Hair Description

Clip-in hair extensions is always the #1 choice for girls who want to add more length, volume and color! Clip-in hair extensions is a temporary way to transform your look the most easily in a matter of minutes, so they are the most preferred method of hair enhancement by stylists and home users.

  • High Quality Clip-in Human Hair Extensions: 100% real human hair from Cambodia Hair Vendor without chemically processing, no mix of artificial hair. No tangle, no shedding, soft. Silky and smooth feeling.
  • Application: Straight Clip-in Human Hair Extensions can be washed, cut, blow dried, dyed, curled and straightened for your desired look.

NOTE: All colors SHOULD be dyed to darker colors.

  • Packing: 7 Pieces with 18 Clips includes:

1. Two pieces 8" wide- 4 clips per weft

2. Two pieces 6" wide- 3 clips per weft

3. Two pieces 4" wide- 2 clips per weft

4. Two pieces 2" wide- 2 clips per weft

  • Comfortable & Secure to Wear: Clips are sewed stably, covered with a layer of soft rubber to carefully protect your scalp and hair, you can easily to wear and remove the clip on hair extensions by yourself to change hairstyle as your desired look.
  • Lasting: Hair extensions can last around 12 months with a proper maintenance. As a general rule, the less you wash your extensions the longer they will last. Therefore, you should wash your hair twice a week, use fine shampoo and conditioner as well.
  • How to order: Item can be customized as your order. Also, please feel free contact with us for wholesale price via Whatsup, or Email.
  • Wholesale Price: Can be negotiated. Sunny Hair Factory select the best hair from Cambodia Hair Vendor to give you at the best wholesale price. Because building up a long lasting relationship with customers is always put the first.

Hair Features

Customer questions & Answers

Q1: How do I apply these?

A: The easy way is to have someone do them for you otherwise pin your hair up and slide the combed end under your own hair.

Q2: Will the clips stay on my hair strong enough?

A: Our clips are Vietnamese with silicone inserted in each claw to prevent slipping, they will stay very firm with your own hair.

Q3: Do the clips come attached to the hair?

A:  The clips have a small strip of silicone that helps keep it in place/prevents the hair from slipping down

Q4: Can I curl or straighten hair extensions?

A: Just like your own hair, Sunny Hair extensions can be straightened, blow-dried, styled and curled. In order to preserve and extend the lifespan of hair extensions, however, we highly recommend to only use a low heat setting of 120C/250F, as anything higher runs the risk of damaging the hair. The reason why we recommend opting for a lower heat setting is because it will prolong the lifespan of your set. While our own hair may be able to handle a high heat setting, our hair is also constantly getting revitalized from the scalp, whereas hair extensions don't get that sort of constant nutrition.

Q5: How do you recommend washing these? Or do you recommend not washing?

A: You can wash and condition these with no problems. Just be gentle. Put conditioner so as to avoid excess tangling. Remember not to wash too much, just twice a week is enough.

Q6: How can I distinguish the human hair clip in extensions from synthetic hair?

A: The easiest way is to do burning test. Clip in extensions human hair burn out quickly and become ashes. Synthetic hair burns become a twisted ball with a plastic smell

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Alexandria James
Oct, 20 2020
I was so surprised and impressed with these clip-ins. It’s my first time using them but they already blend really good with my hair. I ordered 16 inch and 18. You sure need more then one The hair quality is ok. Overall I’m happy.
Addelyn S.
May, 25 2019
I’ve never used clip-ins before so didn’t know what to expect, but the results went beyond all of my expectations!! The hair made of 100% human hair is so soft and easy to deal with. As a first-time user I thought it would be difficult to position the clips, but the how-to video on Youtube was very helpful and I’m able to position them flawlessly now!
Jordana M.
Sep, 25 2018
I bought it in a visit to Vietnam. I love these hair extensions! It is so beautiful, easy to blend, and easy to style. It can be curled and straightened very easy. No one even knows I’m wearing them! I put them on in minutes for extra Volume and I’m ready for the day!
Tessa M.
Jun, 30 2018
I was nervous to purchase hair extensions online, but I’m so glad I did! Very comfortable to wear all day long. Blends beautifully. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase! Thank you Sunny Hair!
Melissa G.
Dec, 27 2017
I used Sunny Hair clip-ins for my wedding. I had never worn clip in extensions before, but I knew I wanted fuller hair for my wedding. The hair matched my color perfectly!

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