Clip-in Hair Extension

Sunny Hair Vietnam Factory - Vietnam Hair Suppliers also offers a full range of wholesale trade clip-in human  hair extensions world wide. This is gorgeous Vietnamese - Cambodian mix 12 inch cuticle correct clip in hair which lasts up to more than 1 years. The hair is 100% human single or double drawn and 8A, 9A, 10A Grade. This is 100 grams of silky straight, curly wave hair with strong lasting clips to ensure a very secure wear.
Our clip in hair extensions can be customized by your order to make an incredibly natural appearance and blend perfectly into your client's hair, creating enviable length and volume all day. Choose from a wide range of stunning natural colors in our collection, including ginger, brown, blonde hair extensions and black hair extensions in a choice of lengths and weights.
Each hair product contains a full and thick set of hair extensions and easy to apply clip-in pieces, our clip in hair is ideal for that big night out or even for everyday use, our customers usually buy these clip-ins for when they are having a break from their semi-permanent hair extensions which are perfect if you do not like being without your hair extensions. All of our clip-in hair is packed and fast deliver to your store in few days which it is very easy to you sell for your clients.



  • How can I distinguish the human hair clip in extensions from synthetic hair?

    The easiest way is to do burning test. Clip in extensions human hair burn out quickly and become ashes. Synthetic hair burns become a twisted ball with a plastic smell.

  • Will the clips stay on my hair strong enough?

    Our clips are Vietnamese with silicone inserted in each claw to prevent slipping, they will stay very firm with your own hair.

  • Do the clips come attached to the hair?

    The clips have a small strip of silicone that helps keep it in place/prevents the hair from slipping down.

  • How long does the clip-in hair extension last?

    It depends on how you maintain it. Because it's made of 100% human hair, so treat it like your own hair and take good care of it, normally it could last longer than 1 year.

  • Are there some tips to keep it long?

    There are some warm tips as such: don't wash it everyday, don't sleep with wet hair, try a loose braid or ponytail instead, if your want to color your extensions for yourself, follow instructions carefully.

  • Is it too heavy to carry?

    It's much lighter than sythentic, and suitable for daily wear. However, if your hair is too thin, use stronger rubber band so that the extensions won't fall off.

  • Can the wavy or curly hair be straightened or the straight hair be curled?

    Yes, you could use hair styler to straight or curl it. Well noted not too often, if frequently, the heat will make the hair easily get dry and tangled. And the heat cannot be exceeded over 150 Degree Celsius

Why choose us


1. Wholesale Price
As a manufacture, we treat every client fair, and respect every one no matter you are doing wholesale or retail business, and we leave biggest margin space to every custom aimed to Win Win Situation and long term cooperation.


2. 100% Virgin hair
Our hair is 100% unprocessed raw virgin hair directly from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. No tangling, no shedding, no henna, no nits with length from 6 to 36 inches. Quality and price is considered as the secret behind our business success.


3. Fast Global Shipping
We can ship worldwide via DHL, UPS or TNT and all orders can be tracked online. Shipping process takes 3-6 days to the US, 4-8 days to Europe, and 5-10 days to African.


4. Trusted Manufacturer
Being a Gold Supplier on Alibaba Marketplace, Sunny Hair Vietnam is proud to be a trustworthy wholesale distributor giving you the best quality and best price.

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