Wholesale Human Bulk Hair Extension

Sunny Hair Vietnam (vietnamhairsuppliers.com) is a top hair manufacturer and hair vendor based in Vietnam, supplying wholesale hair extensions.  Our factory specialize in 100% virgin Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laos, Burmese, Malaysian remy human bulk hair including single drawn and double drawn hair. 

Bulk hair is a bundle of hair tied by elastic bands. With 100% natural human hair collected from women in many countries, each bundle of bulk hair is very smooth, shiny, soft and very easy to style, bleach, and dye. 

This bulk hair can be used to make various kinds of hair extensions such as tape-in hair, clip-in hair, machine weft hair, keratin hair extensions including U-tip, I-tip, V-tip, etc. Moreover, bulk hair has many options of styles for you to choose such as straight hair, body wave hair, loose curly hair, deep curly hair, kinky straight hair, kinky curly hair, etc. 

Bulk hair is classified into 2 main categories: Single drawn hair and Double drawn hair.

Single drawn hair is collected from one single donor and it contains a combination of multiple hair lengths. Each hair strand has different length, therefore, it's thick at the tip then tape off downwards and thin at the ends. For example, a bundle of 16 inch straight hair will include only 30-50% 16 inches hair and other 70% shorter hair. The single drawn bulk hair will give customers a natural look.

Double drawn hair contains almost all of the same length to ensure hair bundle is thick. For instance, each 18 inches double drawn hair bundle contains 70-90% real 18 inch pieces and only 20% shorter strands mixed. To produce this kind of bulk hair, Sunny Hair Vietnam must collect hair from different donors to make sure they have the same length.

What makes our BULK HAIR become our best selling product:

1. Remy natural human hair of best quality with straight, wavy and curly textures and natural colors in various sizes from 30cm to 80cm and up.

2. 100% real human hair, virgin remy hair, high quality

3. Shiny, silky, smooth and soft hair

4. Full cuticle in the same direction from top to bottom, no short hair inside

5. Easy to bleach, dye or style with long lifespan

6. Unprocessed, tangle-free, no shedding, no chemical, no lice, no nits, etc,

7. Abundant stocks available, normally natural straight, body wavy, deep wave, curly. 

Next, let me introduce about Sunny Hair Vietnam:

- Direct-to-customer Human Hair Factory in Vietnam

- 100% human hair, cuticle aligned RAW hair collected from healthy donors fairly & freely                                 

- Free printing logo tag/sticker/bag...

- Wide range of colors/lengths (Customizable)

- Shipping: DHL, UPS, Fedex, SF (Free shipping available for BIG B2B order on request)

- Safe & convenient payment terms: OnePay, Paypal, Western Union, Bank Transfer                                                                                                                                           

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Bulk Water Body Wavy Hair Natural Black Color 100% Vietnamese Women Single Drawn Hair with Wholesale Price

Bulk Water Body Wavy Hair Natural Black Color has become the favourite hair products of hair professionals and customers all over the world.

Cheap Wholesale Price of 100% Remy Straight Single Drawn Bulk Hair with Many Colors from Vietnam Hair Manufacturer

With many colors, from brown to blonde, Colorful Straight Single Drawn Bulk Hair from Vietnam Sunny Hair offers you a wide range of selections for customers.

Best Single Drawn Bulk Hair Extension 8A Grade 100% Vietnamese Virgin Human Straight Hair Natural Black Color

The best Black Straight Single Drawn Bulk Hair Extension is one of the most outstanding products of Sunny Vietnam Hair. This is the traditional hairstyle for many people. After applying these bulk hair, you and your customers will have a silky and fuller hairstyle.


  • What kinds of hair care products should I use with bulk hair?

    You can treat this hair like it is your own hair by regularly using good shampoo and especially, conditioner. Remember not to wash them everyday. After washing, let the hair dry naturally, do not use hair dryer too much. Olive oil is also a good choice to keep the hair healthy.

  • Can the bulk hair get tangle?

    Yes. It can if it's too dry. At that time, you should wash it with conditioner and it will be better and smooth.

  • Does the bulk hair have bad smell?

    Our factory wash the hair with warm water and shampoo and put some oil to hair before shipment to protect them from being dry during the long term delivery. However, the smell will fade away after washing with your shampoo and conditioner.

  • Can the straight bulk hair be curled?

    Absolutely yes! Our Straight Bulk Hair can hold curls and curl well for long time (may be a week when the hair is wet).

  • How long this kind of hair could last?

    The bulk hair could last for avery long time depends on how you treat it. Treat the hair like your own hair and take good care of it will last longer.

  • Is the hair bleachable?

    Of course, the hair can be bleachable, please choose a tuft of hair to try and see the bleaching situation of the hair, inappropriate bleachable will ruin the hair, so you can let your hair dresser to help you.

  • Could The Hair Be Re-styled and iron-flat?

    Our hair is virgin hair, so it could be re-styled through any way, like curling iron, and iron-flat, iron flat please don't exceed 150C°, otherwise the hair would be destroyed.

  • Do you have this bulk hair in 26 or 28 inches?

    Sunny Hair Vietnam offers Bulk Hair with many patterns from 6 inches to 30 inches. Contact via email or Whatsapp to us for more information.

  • What is the application of the Bulk hair?

    The Bulk Hair is used to make hair weaving, and hair extensions such as tape-in, clip-in, keratin extensions including U-tip, I-tip, V-tip, Flat-tip, etc. Moreover, many producers use this kind of bulk hair to make full wig hair extensions. The smaller, thinner and the more hair strands are knotted down, the more natural the wigs are.

  • Can I directly apply this bulk hair to my hair? How?

    Yes. Of course. In order to do that, you need to prepare some accessories like hair needle, and hair thread or hair linkies and have your hair done by hairdressers or hair professionals. It can take about thirty minutes to one hour to crochet a full head. Plus, some beauty junkies nowadays use keratin glue and fusion to apply bulk hair. This way is the same as using I tip, V-tip, U tip or Flat Tip. However, using bulk hair allows them to customize the length and the thickness of the hair strands by their own.

  • How to keep the hair for a extremely long time?

    To keep this natural black straight bulk hair for the maximum time (more than one year), you should take care the hair with the high-quality hair care products like shampoo, conditional and oil. If the hair is dry, it can be tangled. Don't take the heat of more than 150 Degree Celsius into the hair. The cuticles can be destroyed.

  • Is the bulk hair real or fake?

    The easiest way is to do burning test. The bulk human hair burn out quickly and become ashes. Synthetic hair burns become a twisted ball with a plastic smell.

  • How to get the wholesale price of this bulk hair?

    You can get the cheap wholesale price by buying a large quantity of bulk hair (about more than 20 bunches) from Sunny Hair Vietnam - one of the best Vietnamese hair suppliers and factories.

Why choose us


1. Wholesale Price
As a manufacture, we treat every client fair, and respect every one no matter you are doing wholesale or retail business, and we leave biggest margin space to every custom aimed to Win Win Situation and long term cooperation.


2. 100% Virgin hair
Our hair is 100% unprocessed raw virgin hair directly from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. No tangling, no shedding, no henna, no nits with length from 6 to 36 inches. Quality and price is considered as the secret behind our business success.


3. Fast Global Shipping
We can ship worldwide via DHL, UPS or TNT and all orders can be tracked online. Shipping process takes 3-6 days to the US, 4-8 days to Europe, and 5-10 days to African.


4. Trusted Manufacturer
Being a Gold Supplier on Alibaba Marketplace, Sunny Hair Vietnam is proud to be a trustworthy wholesale distributor giving you the best quality and best price.

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