Wholesale price Silky Straight V-Tip Keratin Hair Extensions 100% High Quality Vietnam Human Hair

$80.00 - $50.00

Color: Black #1
Stretched Length:
  • 14 inch (35 cm) $50.00
  • 16 inch (40 cm) $80.00
  • 18 inch (45 cm) $50.00
  • 20 inch (50 cm) $50.00
  • 22 inch (55 cm) $50.00


Hair Description

The V-Tip hair, another kind of hot fusion hair extensions, are tipped with high quality Keratin from Italy which is gentle on your hair. It is one of the common method in applying hair extensions. 

  • High Quality Keratin Human Hair Extensions: 100% Vietnam human hair. No tangle, no shedding, soft. No mix of artificial hair. Silky and smooth feeling.
  • The tip is made of high quality keratin, a natural protein, which provides long-term attachment and minimizes harm to your hair, when heated the keratin, it could be fixed with your own hair to blend naturally with your own hair. Designed for girls who want to add length, and volume. 
  • Application: Treat it like your own hair, straight extensions can be washed, dried, dyed, curled and straightened for your desired look. Note: the color should be dyed to darker colors.
  • Color and length: a wide selections to choose from, and hair can be custom as your wish.
  • Packing: 50 strands/one pack ~ 50 gram
  • Lasting: V-tip Keratine hair extensions could last round 6-8 months. Because they are not attached to your scalp, they don't receive the natural oils as our own hair does! So there is no need to wash them as often as you wash your own hair. As a general rule, the less you wash your extensions the longer they will last.
  • How to apply: 

1. Seperate your hair into 2 sections.

2. Take a little strand and put tip under the hair.

3. Apply heating iron, close it to melt the glue.

4. Mold it with your fingers.

5. Remember not to wash the hair until 24 hours later.

Hair Features

Customer questions & Answers

Q1: How many is it take for a full head?

A: There are 100 strands in one pack. If your hair is thin, 2 or 3 packs will be perfect for you. Normally, 2 or 3 packs is a proper choice for a full head.

Q2: Is it impossible for me to bathe, shower, swim, go out in the wind and rain, and play sports with my new human hair extensions?

A: Your new hair will look wet as real hair does, and the extension will not show in water. So, you can wash and style your extensions exactly as youdo like your own hair. Howerver, exposing to water a lot will loosen bonding though-so dry carefully after. If you swim a lot, I recommend you wear a swim cap.

Q3: What should I do with V-tip hair?

A: There are some warm tips to keep hair extensions longer. Firstly, be careful when you go swimming because salty or chlorinated water can harm your hair extensions. So it would be better if you wear a swimming cap to protect your extensions as well as natural hair. Secondly, appling leave-in conditioners and hydrating oils on your hair extensions avoid your hair getting dry. But, just apply oils from the mid-shaft down to avoid the bond. Lastly, always be gentle with your extensions, especially when you brush it.

Q4: Why shouldn't I do with V-tip hair extensions?

A: You shouldn’t wash your hair too much because it can deteriorate the bonds and make the extensions slip out. Besides, remember to reduce using heat styling tools because too much heat can damage your hair seriously. Also, make sure that your hair extension is totally dry when you go sleeping. You can braid it or tie it in a loose ponytail to avoid tangling in the next mornings.

Q5: How to know hair not mix with synthetic hair?

A: The easiest way is to do burning test. Clip in extensions human hair burn out quickly and become ashes. Synthetic hair burns become a twisted ball with a plastic smell.

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May, 02 2019
This is the second time I have ordered from this company (first time was u-tip this time was V-tip) and I will never order anywhere else!! Hair is thick from base to ends unlike other brands. I absolutely recommend this extension company over any other! It is easy to maintain and style.
Quynh Nguyen
Quynh Nguyen
Aug, 18 2018
Thật tuyệt vời. vô cùng bất ngờ khi nhận hàng. Mình đã mua 1 pack và đem tới cho một thợ làm tóc. Tóc siêu mềm, thậm chí còn mềm mượt hơn tóc mình. Rất ấn tượng!!!!! So với giá thì rất đáng đồng tiền.

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