Best Selling Fumi Wave Double Weft Hair Extension 100% Unprocessed Virgin Hair Wholesale For Black Women

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Hair Description

Machine weft hair extensions (weave hair extensions), the type of hair which is made by sewing the hair all together in one long line instead of adding individual hair strand by strand, machine weft hair is connected horizontally wihout using heat, tape or glue to apply to natural hair. It is the best option to add hair volume or length instantly.

  • Advantage of Machine double weft hair: 
  1. Top and bottom of Double Machine Weft Hair is of an equal width, and length. So you can get thick and full hair from roots to ends.
  2. Double Machine Weft Hair creates "U" shape hairstyle.
  3. Double Machine Weft Hair has much more hair volume, creating a fuller look.
  • High Quality Double Weft Hair Extensions: 100% Unprocessed VieMalaysian Hair, super thick, tangle free, smooth
  • Application: 
  1. Double Weft hair extensions can be applied with absolutely no heat, no glue and no braid! The wefts can be individually cut and customized to fit your head size and even positioned to ensure you can wear your hair up without signs of extensions, creating a natural look.
  2. Straight Weft Hair allows you to straighten, curl, style as your desired look. 
  • Lasting: Double weft is expected to remain around 6 months, it sometime depends on your method you treat.
  • Wholesale Price: We, Sunny Hair Vietnam Company always want to be your long lasting relationship with you, so we promise to offer the best quality hair at the best Wholesale price. Best Wholesale Price for Hair salons, Hair Professionals... Be free to contact with us via Whatsaap, or Email!   

Hair Features

Customer questions & Answers

Q1:What is the difference between single weft and double weft?

A: The main difference between single and double weft extensions is how thick they are. Double weft are literally 2 wefts of hair sewn together on the same seem as you would a single weft extension. Double weft extensions are brilliant for adding a lot of volume and length without having to have loads of clip. Moreover, the end of double weft are equal, and the hair get thick from roots to ends.

Q2: Which should I buy, single weft or double weft hair extension?

A: Let's talk about machine weft hair ( hair extensions weaving )

Nomally, there are 2 types of machine weft: single weft and double weft hair extension. It sometime can be triple weft or even quadruplicate.

The Single Weft: The weft is very thin, hence it is very lissom.

Problem of this weft : the weft line be so long, it depend on the hair length. Nomally the weft long is 2m and more.

The Double Weft:

Style 1: This weft, just sewn 2 lines of single weft together. So the weft will be very thick, double thicker than single weft. The weft long is half of single weft ( 1m or little more ).
Problem of this weft : the weft line is too thick and hard.

Style 2: To improve the problem of Single weft and Double weft style 1. We create Double weft - style 2
It is also sewn from 2 lines of single weft. But we sewn 1 weft line under the another ones. So, the weft will be not thick. And the weft line will be not too long
Problem of this weft : the weft line is wide

Depending on the fullness hair you are looking to achieve, double weft hair or single weft hair extension would be your choice. Someone like very thin and long weft, so they choose Single weft. Someone like very thick weft, so they choose Double weft that they can install in the back and sides and might do the rest with single weft. Hence, in order to have your most favorite hair extension, please feel free to let us know your requirements, our team at Sunny Hair Vietnam are always willing to suggest you the most suitable products.

Otherwise, if you would like to have other style, just show us the picture, we could do the same for  you. With our experienced workers in sewning, we do believe to provide you any hair extension style. Besides, we also do triple weft and quadruplicate would be made as well.

Q3: How long does weft hair extensions last?

A: Depending on the method you choose to use, weft hair extension can be Hair Wefts vary in how long they will last, depending on the method you choose to use. They can be turned into a clip-on set which you put on in the morning and take off at night. If instead, you wish use glue or microrings or the weaving method, the wefts will last 4-6 weeks

Q4:Tips for Hair Care?

A: 1.  Avoid washing by machine. Avoid sleeping with hair. Avoid making complex hair style with hair products. Or the hair will be tangled easily.

    2.  Before wearing the hair or after putting the hair down, make sure the hair is smooth by combing the hair beginning from the bottom . If there is slightly tangled, do not comb forcedly. you can cut the tangled hair.

   3.  If the hair is tangled seriously, you need wash the hair with shampoo. Comb the hair from the bottom gently in the water, untill all tangled hair is combed off. In general, all the tangled hair can be combed off in water.

  4.  Immerse the washed hair in water with conditioner for 3 to 5 minutes.

  5.  Let the hair dry naturally after washing. Avoid dry the hair with dryer. Avoid exposing the hair with sunshine directly. Avoid ironning the hair with high temperature(advise 100-120 degree).Avoid curlling the hair. The reason is that high temperature will hurt the hair.

 6.  Avoid bleaching the hair. Bleaching will hurt the hair.

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Karra Laya
Jul, 07 2020
I was out of town so I couldn't receive my order but Ms Thao Dao of Sunny Vietnam Hair helped me out. She did her best to make sure the product was rerouted to me without me having to incur the cost. Every day she would check in and keep me updated. The hair extension is soft, beautiful and natural looking. The price also is amazing for this quality product. Thanks again Thao Dao and Sunny Vietnam hair for your excellent support and providing such a great line of hair.
Simple Girl
Jun, 05 2020
Excellent product; Excellent quality, texture, color, no smell. Will buy again
Dinh Thanh Tam
Apr, 02 2019
This is my2nd order. These bundles are amazing especially for the price. Curl pattern holds through swimming and beyond keeping on top of making sure it doesn’t matte up (that’s on you) this hair is everything I can ask for. On top of everything, Thao Dao is very nice. She answered all of my questions and helped me a lot. Thanks!!
Im Jae Bum
Jul, 01 2018
This hair is soft and beautiful with little to no shedding. I love it and will continue to order. Shipping is very fast. Definitely worth the money. I love this product so much I had to review it again. Thank you Sunny vietnam hair.
Dinh Thanh Sang
Feb, 06 2017
I love this hair. it's so soft and manageable it doesn't tangle or shed it it's very good for the price and I would definitely order again.

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